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China is expected to be the world’s largest cosmetic market in a few years – and is in rapid growth. Despite being a lucrative export market for global cosmetics brands, mandatory animal testing of imported cosmetics still forms an effective trade barrier for cosmetic brands that refuse to employ animal test. Presently, the animal test requirements in China apply to all imported cosmetics, however, China has already removed the requirement of mandatory animal test from domestically manufacturer non-special use cosmetics.

As a result of a unique collaboration between CFI, Knudsen&CRC and Fengpu Industrial Park, the Leaping Bunny China Project will use the option for domestically manufactured cosmetics to enable foreign companies to avoid animal testing when selling on the Chinese market. To secure that no animal test has been involved in the Leaping Bunny China Pilot Project, the project involves local manufacturing of foreign cosmetics combined with strict supervision of the mandatory safety assessment tests. The partnership with oriental Beauty Valley in the Fengxian Industrial Park provides an additional safeguard of the process as manufacturing and testing will take place within this cosmetic manufacturing and innovation zone just outside of Shanghai, supervised by Knudsen&CRC.

The Leaping Bunny certification is recognized as the leading global program for companies who wish to demonstrate that no animal testing of products or ingredients has been conducted throughout the supply chain. This Leaping Bunny in China Pilot Project could pave the way for international cosmetic brands that don’t test on animals to enter the Chinese market. It also allows Chinese companies to become certified under the CFI Leaping Bunny programme.

We Offer These Services for Leaping Bunny China Products

Preliminary Product Evaluation

The first step towards product compliance is an in-depth compliance screening of all cosmetic product’s ingredient list with the purpose of checking for banned or restricted ingredients, which would make future importation and sales impossible according to Chinese laws and regulations for cosmetics importation into China. The overall aim of the product screening is to provide you with a detailed overview of ingredient and product compliance. It will determine product categorisation (special use or non-special use cosmetics) and hence the regulatory framework to adhere with, depending on the ingredients/formulations as well as function claims and compliant packaging/labels.

Manufacturing Process Management & Supervision

For Leaping Bunny Project brands, manufacturing takes place within Mainland China–which avoids mandatory animal testing of imported cosmetics. Knudsen&CRC offers supervision the manufacturing process and on-site inspections of the entire production process in order to secure quality and prevent mismanagement of production.

NMPA Filing/ Registration

NMPA Filing without animal testing required the product’s final packaging and filing to take place within Mainland China. Domestic NMPA Filing services includes preparation of technical documents, sample testing preparation, NMPA filing dossier submission and management of the filing process with the NMPA.


Application Dossier Preparation

Ingredient & Packaging Consulting

Documentation Submission

Sample Test Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

The Leaping Bunny certification is recognized as the leading global program for companies who wish to demonstrate no animal testing of products or ingredients have been conducted.

The cooperation with Oriental Beauty Valley provides additional safeguarding of the process, as manufacturing and testing will take place within this cosmetic manufacturing zone.  To avoid any risk of post-market test, all Leaping Bunny brands in this pilot project will be requested to perform an immediate product recall if the product is suspected of posing a safety hazard to Chinese consumers.

CFI will be responsible for: approving Leaping Bunny Certification in China, communicating with Knudsen&CRC to verify each brand’s entry route, as well as contacting and educating CFI brands.

Oriental Beauty Valley will provide additional support of the Leaping Bunny Certification process as manufacturing and testing take place in China.

Knudsen&CRC will supervise the manufacturing and safety assessment testing and Leaping Bunny Certification in China.

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