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The Chinese market for foreign cosmetics and skincare, premium food products, imported infant formula, nutritional supplements and health food is among the world’s largest and worth billions.

We will be happy to assist you with our advice and recommendations as well as provide additional services including:

Trademark Registration Application

Trademarks must be classified into classes established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (NICE Classifications) –of which there are 45 in total. After registering your trademark proposals, Knudsen&CRC will investigate opportunities for enrollment in relevant classes. Once complete, our team will develop a registration suggestion for each trademark. Upon approval, we prepare the application documentation and file corresponding documents to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC). This complex Trademark registration process takes approximately 6 months (from filing to receiving the final trademark registration) and the Knudsen&CRC team will assist you during the entire process.

WFOE Registration in China

As a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), foreign companies have greater opportunities for increased efficiency in operations, management and future development. However, it is important to note there are several pre-establishment requirements to consider when launching a WFOE in China. Our Knudsen&CRC team can assist with WFOE registration, documentation, preparation, and submission of applications, assistance in obtaining a business license, as well as several post-establishment registrations (i.e., company stamps, bank account, filing of tax registration applications).

Government Affairs

At Knudsen&CRC we take pride in our extensive network and strong connections to industry professionals, which include government officials. We work closely with the Fengxian District/Oriental Beauty Valley through our Leaping Bunny Pilot Project. Our diverse team is able to offer various services from report writing for governments to connecting clients with relevant officials.

Market Research Report

In China, consumers are extremely health conscious and are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their lives. Due to domestic scandals of products, Chinese consumers now have an increasing preference towards purchasing trusted imported products. At Knudsen&CRC, our market research reports can provide detailed insight into the rapidly changing consumer trends in China. These trends are mostly due to the ever expanding middle-class and rapid progress in technology.

Importation Consulting

The Chinese market presents the greatest opportunity in the world, however, the market is heavily regulated. International companies must pay close attention to importation barriers. Knudsen&CRC can provide you with detailed support on the documentation lists need for the importation process, and manage the importation procedures in cooperation with your appointed importer. Our team is able to address contacts with customs in case you encounter any problems.

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