Knudsen&CRC Co-Chairs AustCham Shanghai Cosmetics Industry Forum for a Valuable Network and Industry Insights

Dear friends of the CRC team,

We are proud to invite you to join the first-ever Cosmetic Industry Forum in China together with AustCham Shanghai. The forum is set to launch on May 16, 2023, both online and offline. As proud co-chairs of this industry forum, Knudsen&CRC aim to create a valuable network of cosmetics brands, manufacturers, raw material providers, and other stakeholders in the Chinese cosmetic industry.

The forum caters to all members of the cosmetics industry, including brands, manufacturers, and raw material suppliers, with interests in the Chinese market. Through this group, companies can gain specific information related to marketing, import regulations, product certifications, distribution, retail, and online sales. Additionally, the group will facilitate networking opportunities among members, including cosmetics distributors, retailers, and e-commerce players.

One of the most significant benefits of joining the AustCham Shanghai Cosmetics Industry Forum is the ability to stay informed about trends and changes in legislation in China. In addition, the group works to improve market conditions for Australian cosmetics businesses with interests in China.

Join us on May 16, 2023, to connect with like-minded industry players and gain valuable insights into the Chinese cosmetics market. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your network and grow your business. Use the hashtags #AustChamShanghaiCosmeticsForum and #ChinaCosmeticsMarket to stay updated on this exciting event!