Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration on General Food Ingredients Containing, “Mexican Creeping Zinnia,” and “Flaxseed,” Report Handling Cases (October 31, 2017)

        Recently, the city’s food and drug regulators have received reports reflecting the production and operation of ordinary food ingredients containing, ” Mexican Creeping Zinnia,” and “Flaxseed,” is illegal.

On January 20, 2017, the General Office of the State Food and Drug Administration issued a response to whether Mexican Creeping Zinnia could be used as a raw material for ordinary foods (CFDA No.19 [2017] No. 39.) The office was stipulating that if Mexican Creeping Zinnia is to be developed as a new food raw material, the safety assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the, “Measures for the Administration of the Safety Inspection of New Food Raw Materials.” On August 9, 2017, the General Office of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration issued the, “Reply on Relevant Issues on Pomegranate Seed and Flaxseed,” (Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration Letter No. [2017] 538), stipulating that flaxseed China is mainly used for oil extraction. The National Health and Family Planning Commission did not carry out an examination of flaxseed in a safety review of new food raw materials.

Since the response food producers and operators in this Municipality shall stop producing and selling ordinary food products containing, “Mexican Creeping Zinnia,” and, “Flaxseed,” ingredients. They must promptly recall the products being sold, and these products shall not be used as raw materials for the production of food.

Food producers and traders that rely on, “Mexican Creeping Zinnia,” and “Flaxseed,” trade shall submit their application for approval in accordance with the, “Measures for the Administration of the Safety Inspection of New Food Raw Materials.”

All cases of, “Mexican Creeping Zinnia,” and “Flaxseed,” in food ingredients received from production and operation shall file a case according to the laws and regulations. The cases of reporting violations that have occurred may be further scrutinized with an examination of whether the production and business operators are required to fulfill relevant purchase inspection requirements. It may also require them to stop production and operation of related foods, initiate a recall relevant foods, and how to conduct a recall. According to the, “People’s Republic of China Administrative Punishment Law,” Article 27 states that, misdemeanors will be mitigated or avoid administrative penalties. For illegal acts that occur with the food producer knowingly producing and operating with food ingredients that still contain, ” Mexican Creeping Zinnia,” or “Flaxseed,” it should be investigated and dealt with according to law.