Regulatory compliance of Chinese product labels is an important part of the import process into China. The products’ labels will be scrutinized during customs inspection and clearance during importation into China.

The products’ labels will be required to adhere to national standards for Chinese labels as stated in GB7718-2011 National standard of Pre-packed food labeling, GB 13432-2013 National standard of Pre-packed Special Dietary Foods and GB5296.3-2008 General regulation of labeling for cosmetics. Each of these regulations has detailed standards for each item (content, size, font etc.).

Knudsen CRC assists foreign companies with qualified screening and development of Chinese product labels prior to importation into China and, in this way, ensures that the products pass CIQ inspection at the importing port.

NRV Calculate

Source: GB7718

Above is the sample for Chinese nutrition information which is mandatory for China market. We will help you calculate the NRV%.

Nutrition claim recommendation

There are five core elements that must be labeled: energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate and sodium. If you have more elements, such as vitamins and minerals, you can also label them.

According to your nutrition information, we recommend certain claims:

Nutrition claims: such as low fat, high calcium, high protein, etc.

Nutritional component function claims: Compared with the reference food, XX content is enhanced/reduced by 25% or more

 Example for reference

Impact Whey Protein, Banana Flavor (Need to have)

Ingredient list:

Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk) (96%), Flavoring, Color (Curcumin), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Sweetener (Sucralose)

Nutrition information
Items Per 100g NRV%
Energy 1740KJ/412kcal 21
Fat 7.5g ≤12.5
Saturated fatty acids 5g ≤25
Carbohydrate 4g 1.3
Protein 82g 136
Sodium 0.50g 25

Product Claim: “Sports nutrition food” + “Protein supplement”

Nutrition Claim: High protein

Nutrition comparative claim: Compared with the reference food, protein content is enhanced by 25% or more

Standard Language of energy and nutrition function claim:

  1. Protein is the main component of body and could provide various kinds of amino acids.
  2. Protein is essential to human life activities, as well as contributing to tissue formation and growth.
  3. Proteins help constituting or repairing of human tissue.
  4. Proteins contribute to tissue formation and growth.
  5. Protein is an essential nutriment for tissue formation and growth.

Nutrition claim and/or nutrition function claim can be labeled on anywhere of the label, but the font size should not exceed the food name and the trademark.