Cosmetics & Skincare

The cosmetics industry encompasses a number of personal care products used such as hair care, skin care, colour, cosmetics, and fragrances.

International brands are in high demand as Chinese consumers are trading up due the perception of better quality and safety. The industry has experienced significant growth on a global level, but not without major challenges. In China, every manufacturer must undergo product filing.

Knudsen&CRC helps to assist foreign companies identify a trustworthy manufacturer and provide quality control. Our team provides in-depth consultation during this lengthy process to minimize delay in successfully registering cosmetic and skincare products.

We Offer These Services for Cosmetics & Skincare Products

Preliminary Product Evaluation

When entering the market in China, it is the responsibility of foreign companies to know the authorizations and regulations. Before initiating importation, it is essential to ensure all product ingredients and content levels are approved in China. The process of preliminary product evaluation for cosmetics will involve an in-depth compliance screening of the products’ ingredients. Knudsen&CRC can provide customary guidelines on the process and timeline of NMPA Filing, give an overview on your product, and conduct product category evaluation (to determine whether it qualifies as a non-special use or special-use cosmetic). We aim to the product screening is to provide you with a detailed overview of ingredient and product compliance.

NMPA Filing/ Registration

Special-Use Cosmetics and Non-Special Use Cosmetics must be must submitted for NMPA filing and/or registration. However, for in-depth screening, it is possible to draft a launch strategy for product NMPA filing (for non-special use cosmetics) or registration (for special use cosmetics). Knudsen&CRC can assist with NMPA filing and registration by assisting with the consultation of your ingredients, packaging, dossier preparation, and application for customs. Our team is ready to help you process samples clearances, submit testing samples, understand relevant documentation for NMPA designated labs, file and translate NMPA dossier submission, and manage the filing process of NMPA. This entire process takes approximately 6 months, and our Knudsen&CRC team is available to support you during each step.


Application Dossier Preparation

Ingredient & Packaging Consulting

Documentation Submission

Sample Test Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) is the Chinese agency for regulating drugs and medical devices (formerly the China Food and Drug Administration or CFDA). Its responsibilities include drafting laws and regulations for drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics, as well as establishing medical device standards and classification systems.

NPMA registration is for all imported products and domestic special use cosmetics. NMPA filing is for domestic non-special use cosmetics as well as imported cosmetics through the Pudong Trade Zone.

Special-Use Cosmetics includes: hair growth products, hair dyes, hair perming products, depilating products, beauty breast products, bodybuilding products, sunscreens, deodorants, spot removing products, whitening products etc. Meanwhile, Non-Special Use cosmetics are required to obtain NMPA Filing, whereas imported cosmetics and domestic non-special use cosmetics are required to obtain NMPA Registration before selling on the Chinese market. The NMPA product certification procedure for cosmetics & skincare is straightforward albeit bureaucratic.

*Please Note*

If your product is technically “special use” you can still register your products as non-special use if you do not claim special use functions and all the ingredients are approved.

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