China Administration for Market Regulation’s “Three Decisions” Announcement Responsibilities of CFDA, SAIC and AQSIQ Remains Unchanged Prior to the “Three Decisions” Announcement

Public Announcement: To clarify, before the “Three Decisions” announcement from the China Administration for Market Regulation and the State Food and Drug Administration, the revision, approval, supervised inspections, quarantine inspections, law enforcement inspections, complaints, disclosure of information, along with other matters of: food, medicine, medical equipment, cosmetics, health food, infant formula, and FSMP under the jurisdiction of the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) will still be handled according to the original regulations. All types of approval documents, certificates, other documents, etc. will temporarily use the original format. The professional stamp seals, document formats, and procedures that are being used will not be changed for the time being.

After the institutional reform is implemented, relevant matters will be announced separately.

The scheduled changes for the reform: The transfer of affiliates will be completed prior to April 20th and the drafts for “Three Decisions” will be submitted prior to May 31st.

During the former conference, Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Market Regulation, commented that the specific timetable for institutional reform is as follows:


English translation written from original source here.