Knudsen&Co is a foreign invested consulting company based in Shanghai, China. Our certification and regulatory compliance team, CRC China, assists foreign companies with product certifications and regulatory compliance within highly regulated industries such as:

  • Food & beverages
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Functional health food
  • Cosmetics and skincare
  • Infant formula
  • Food for special medical purposes (FSMP)

The Chinese market for nutritional supplements and health food is worth over RMB 250 billion, with forecasted double-digit growth over the next decade. The Chinese markets for imported cosmetic and skincare, premium food products, and imported infant formula are likewise among the world’s largest and are still in rapid growth. Tapping into this potential can be challenging due to strict import regulations and complicated product certifications.

Knudsen&Co’s CRC team supports foreign companies in overcoming regulatory barriers by providing regulatory compliance advice and product certifications. Our staff is a mix of pharmaceutical experts, nutritionists, biologists, and government affairs experts covering all aspects of Chinese regulations. We work closely with Knudsen&Co’s market research and consulting teams to provide our clients with a comprehensive market and business evaluation prior to entering into expensive and lengthy product registrations and certifications.

Our company objectives are:

1. To spread knowledge of China’s regulatory framework by providing our information for free – and not through memberships or other restricted groups.

2. To provide correct and accurate information on China’s new regulations and product standards – without using sensational journalism to attract public attention.

3) To support the Chinese government’s objective of increasing Chinese consumer safety through our regulatory compliance work for foreign companies selling in and into China.

Finally, our ultimate objective is to assist foreign companies in turning barriers into opportunities on the Chinese market.