Knudsen&CRC’s Newsletter: September Issue

Dear friends of the CRC team,

We hope you enjoyed the summer and are ready for an exciting autumn that will offer a lot of advancements in the regulatory framework for both cosmetics and supplements.

In our last newsletter, we asked you for specific topics you’d like to see covered, and we had several inquiries regarding the laws and regulations for cannabis sativa and CBD in cosmetics and supplements. We have included an overview of the regulations in this newsletter and will keep everyone updated as the regulations are changing.

Thanks for your huge support in sharing our newsletter within your network. Our first newsletter was shared with more than 10,000 people across the globe. It is our finest objective to remove the “black box mentality” that characterizes regulatory compliance in China. We pursue this goal by providing free-of-charge and comprehendible information on China’s ever-changing rules and regulation – and only with your help can we succeed.

Thanks for your strong support and let us know if we should investigate a specific area of interest to you in our next newsletter.

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