Leaping Bunny in China Friendship Dinner: Opening of the Second Wave of Pilot Brands

The second wave of Leaping Bunny Pilot companies have now officially been revealed at the Leaping Bunny in China Friendship Dinner

Last month, the Leaping Bunny in China Friendship Dinner was organised to both celebrate the one year anniversary of the Leaping Bunny Pilot project in China and to also announce the second wave of companies such as Azena and Brighter Beauty that have recently joined the pilot scheme.

Companies that are currently Leaping Bunny certified can document, with the Leaping Bunny logo, that their products and ingredients have not been tested on animals.

Towards the end of last year, Bulldog Skincare, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Subtle Energies and 7th Heaven became the first Leaping Bunny certified company to participate in this innovative project. A mix of new and existing brands were present at the Leaping Bunny in China Friendship Dinner.

Hollie Doherty, Junior Advisor at Knudsen&CRC comments on how “after months of sleepless nights and long weekends full of logistics, emails and phone calls, the coming together of 5 pilot project brands at the Leaping Bunny dinner was a hugely rewarding experience for our team. We were able to recognise each and every person whose hard work and resilience has contributed to the success of the Leaping Bunny in China. With 70+ attendees, it was extremely heart-warming to have our extended family all together in one room.”

Valery Nauros, Deputy Director at Knudsen&CRC said that “at the Leaping Bunny Friendship Dinner we really felt the support and encouragement of all the companies and individuals that have helped us with developing the Leaping Bunny Certification Pilot here in China which has involved countless months of hard work.” Valery further comments on how “there were many obstacles along the way in relation to the rules and regulations that had to be strictly followed. However, it was completely worth it in the end and this dinner is a celebration of all the hard work that has gone into the pilot project and I am looking forward to being further involved with its developments in the future.”